Third Space Thoughts

Third Space Thoughts

We need more spaces that don’t require us to spend money.

We need more welcoming spaces (beyond work or home) that don’t require us to spend money. In light of the TPL dumpster fire, I’ve been thinking about ‘third spaces’ that harbour belonging, community or learning where you don’t have to spend money.

Paperhouse Outreach Collective is that place for me. I had 0 formal arts training, but Emily and Flora took a chance on me and I spent the summer of 2018 building community without knowing that was, or that that was happening during ZIPE. That opportunity made others possible, and birthed Sticky Mangos

I learned about art that matters, not art by old, dead, white people —community art.

Flora showed us her zine archive, and matched new participants to previous years’ participants work by pointing them out, or holding a zine to her heart. She knows everyone’s work off by heart. Emily continues to harbour warmth, making sure we have everything we need, and that barriers are continuously removed.

Please donate to Paperhouse Outreach so that flora and Emily can continue cultivating Paperhouse, a wholesome third space that feels like home, in a city that is colder than ever.

If you're able, please email a donation of $10-50 to flora @ with the password ‘pree’, to fund upcoming community events like our monthly Switch, Stitch and Bitch!

With warmth,


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