Production plans

Production plans

This week we started thinking about production for the Commons residency, and did an exercise to flesh out the intentionality of our work. Here's what I came up with:

I want to:
- take up space
- communicate that we have to protect and support the most marginalized in our communities (esp disabled 2SQTBIPOC folks)

In terms of the physicality:
- I either want my piece for the installation to be really big or micro scale (no in between)
- I'm picturing a long watercolour painting, small ceramic work, micro embroidery work, or a big whimsical stuffy as Aidan (another resident) suggested when they saw my whimsical floofy tree painting

I want others to think my work is:
- heartwarming, important and validating or
- political and spicy if they disagree

I want others to feel:
- the feels
- community care
- disability justice is in the room

This is the floofy tree I painted in our, paint yourself as a tree excercise. As Aidan suggested, I would love to see it as a 3 dimensional stuffy! I also really enjoyed my partner's comment, "it looks like a queer broccoli", and other peers who described it as a tree that is "grounded" and "moody - I am a scorpio afterall.

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