Making with Place 7.0

Making with Place 7.0

We're switching gears and heading into production mode for MwP. The research team is shifting from critiquing and showing our processes, to thinking about where we want to go with the final exhibition. A few researchers are envisioning a website with lots of boxes that open and pop out, and I'm hoping that we might be able to design a projection on a building to show our work.

I'm thinking about making a series of micro watercolour paintings, or something intricate with lino. I actually asked Phyllis if I could print/stamp onto some of her fractal pieces that she's been hand dyeing with natural materials throughout the project. There's lots of potential for collaboration now and I'm looking forward to seeing where the 10 of us go with this.

Our coding trees are also ready, and Charlotte Lombardo and I worked on a conference presentation for the International Conference of the Arts in Society. Ammarah was able to join us last minute, and did amazing on presenting with us on such short notice, because we were just about to hit record!

This video shows where we're at in the project, and what some of the other researchers have been making. And I'm looking forward to seeing what's next :)

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