During this time of transition from summer to fall, I've been grateful to have the opportunity to do some heartwork! I applied for funding for a community event with Bricks & Glitter, and while the original iteration didn't prove to be successful (you can read more about this here), it was adapted into a zine called 'CRIP COLLAB'.

I envisioned CRIP COLLAB to be a zine featuring the works of racialized disabled 2SLGBTQ artists (with the intention to include as many Black and/or Indigenous community members as possible). I wanted the digital version of the zine to be ready by the end of Bricks & Glitter's festival, so everything happened pretty quickly. A call to artists was put out, and I received over 40 applications. There were 14 artist spots available, and majority of the artists featured are Black and/or Indigenous.

Both disability, and 2SLGBTQ+ communities tend to get whitewashed, but racialized crip queers exist, and that's what CRIP COLLAB is about.

This is Issue 1, because I hope to support and facilitate more CRIP COLLABs in the future.

Hard copies of the zine will be available to purchase at Secret Planet Print Shop (SPPS) in Toronto, in the near future. I'll make an announcement on Instagram as soon as they're available at SPPS.

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